Raul Cabrera

Raul Cabrera

Raúl Cabrera is a renowned and an award-winning Ecuadorian documentary filmmaker who has traveled to more than 92 countries documenting his adventures and capturing them on the big  and on the small screen. Among his most recognized works are: “Nómad-A”, which went around the world representing Ecuador in the Olympic film festival “FICTS” obtaining 4 awards in the 206 cities where it was presented. Among his most recent works are: “Cueva de los Tayos Expedition MMXVI” and The Lost City of Israel. This intrepid character is also a renowned athlete standing out in disciplines such as surfing, freediving and is the only Ecuadorian to ever win a winter  snowboard event in Chile while trying to qualify for the winter olympics. Languages are also his strength, he is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and has a vast knowledge of Japanese and Portuguese thanks to his travels and higher studies at prestigious universities such as: Otago in New Zealand, where he obtained a trilingual degree in Economic Political-Development & International Relations. Pedagogy is also his forte, obtaining a Master’s degree in Education at the University of Canterbury in Oceania, serving as a teacher for 7 years in Japan, France, New Caledonia and New Zealand. Raúl has also worked for: “Peace Boat”, a Japanese ship  that works in alliance with the United Nations carrying out sustainable projects in 21 countries. This multifaceted character ventured into the journalistic field interviewing several presidents and icons such as Julián Assange and The Pope. Last year he received an Honoris Causa for his athletic and academic career at his native Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil in Ecuador. Raúl is always in search of a new intellectual and sports adventures and can often be found freediving, “one of his favorite sports” in the deepest pools in the world and in various exotic places on the planet such as: The Galapagos Islands, the Mediterranean Sea , San Andrés in the Caribbean and Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. This Ecuadorian explorer is the latest addition to FG0 and we can gladly say: “Welcome to the team” and we will continue to evangelize freediving through this Ecuadorian Nomad.

Records Obtained

 110 meters DNF

138 meters DYN

150 meters Monofin

4:34 Static

48 meters deep

 Champion Competitions

National Jump Blue, novice category (2016 – Ecuador)

National champion DYN BF novice category (2016 – Ecuador)

Vice-National Champion DNF novice category (2016 – Ecuador)

National vice-champion DYN BF (2019 -Ecuador)

Monofin National Vice-Champion (2019 -Ecuador)

Static National Vice-Champion (2019 -Ecuador)

Completed Courses

 PADI Level 1 & 2 (Ecuador)

Depth Course (San Andrés-Colombia)

 Level 1-4 Freedive Gravity 0 (Miami)

Freedive Instructor Gravity 0 (Miami)