Miguel Salazar

Miguel Salazar

Miguel Salazar Thielen.

Born on February 9th. 1992, in the city of Puerto Cabello, Carabobo State, Venezuela. His parents Edith and Miguel are Venezuelan too. He studied Naval Engineering in Universidad Nacional Experimental de la Fuerzas Armadas (UNEFA); but he left his studies for economic reasons. He prepared physically and mentally to enter the Naval School of Venezuela in 2009, graduating in 2013 as a Command Officer of the National Navy, Degree in Naval Sciences, Mention “Armament” Fleet Performance Area, Submarines specialty.

His aquatic genesis originated in 2005, at the age of 13, when he begged his father Miguel José Salazar, an underwater fisherman, to allow him to dive as his companion, there he discovered his interest and passion for such activities, which he decided to continue practicing, but with the eagerness to arrive deeper and deeper, deciding to document for himself on techniques of breathing “Pranayama” and control of the mind.

In  2013 He undergoes a submarine fainting to more than 15 meters of depth while performing military maneuvers in the Bay of Turiamo, this caused him a mental stress that surpassed by himself,  by managing the control of his fears through the apnea. After his father death in 2014, the commitment with the one that propelled him to the submarine fishing grew and with this he decided to arrive this time further, stating that “only in the sea he felt the true freedom and company of his father”. At the end of 2016 with the degree of Lieutenant of Fragata, he organized and participated in an Intensive   FGC Apnea Course in the Naval Base of Puerto Cabello “CA. AGUSTÍN ARMARIO “. There,  the instructor, Antonio del Duca, noted his skills and abilities in and out of the water, making in his first dives 30 meters deep and almost 5 minutes of Apnea with absolute serenity, seeing in him, great qualities and potential , Projecting and propelling as a  high-level apneist. Subsequently with an arduous training and sacrifice Miguel Salazar attended the    Advanced, Coach, Rescue and Salvage and Instructor FGC courses. As a result, he became an integral apneist creating an indivisible binomial between knowledge of naval military operations and studies in the FGC. He entered   the staff of high performance instructors of Freedive Gravedad Cero School.

He has an excellent performance in underwater fishing, as well as knowledge about Marine Biology, maritime territory, behavior of marine species, and environmental protection among other benefits.  His motto is: “Fishing is not based on obtaining larger pieces, that is part of the luck … the fishing is to get pieces where normally others do not get anything, always respecting nature, that is part of the knowledge … that is why  knowledge is called luck! “.

He  has a great capacity for self-control and relaxation because in his work´s environment, this is an important factor “calm and control under hostile situations” In addition He has a deep knowledge of the physiology of apnea and underwater rescue.

He is a high-performance athlete, pentathlete, marathon runner, Venezuelan Armada Dive Instructor, PADI Discovery,


Courses Completed:

First aid course  – Armada  Bolivariana

PADI  Open Water course.

Basic FGC Course Level 1

Advanced FGC Course  Level 2

FGC  Coach Course Level 3

FGC  Rescue and Salvage  Course  Level 4

FGC International Instructor Course.