Luis Arismendi

Luis Arismendi


He was born in Caracas, photographer and plastic artist by profession. Since childhood he has always been concerned about water sports, he began swimming lessons when he was 5.  In 2004 he started in the underwater world in the club of Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) where he met his trainer José Ramón Colmenares (Moncho) an underwater fisherman and apneist; who helped him to emphasize his performance in the modalities of apnea and underwater rugby. that same year Arismendi  is part of the team  that went to Popayan,  Colombia to the Interleague  of Underwater Rugby and  in 2005  he classified  to the world-wide AIDA in Switzerland, which he  could not attend. In 2006 he integrated the National Team in the Pan American Games of Underwater Activities in Ecuador, where he won several medals. That same year, he made the National and Pan American Record of Apnea without fins with 107mts.  (being the first person to pass the 100mts.  in a national record).

In 2007 he joined the First National Selection of Underwater Rugby that participated in the Interleague of Bogota Colombia.

The following years he continued to be part of the National Team together with his teammates: Antonio Del Duca, Ambar Peralta and Karla Mendez.  In 2012,  he went  to the First Bolivarian Beach Games in Lima – Peru  where he got  the silver medal; and  in 2013 he  won the silver medal in the Bolivarian Games, and  the bronze medal in the II Bolivarian Beach  Games 2014.

Nowadays he is part of the staff of instructors of the Latin American School of Apnea FGO, for the great competitive experience he has acquired during these years.

Main Achievements:

  • National Apnea Selection Venezuela, as well as FGC Instructor since 2006
  • Pan American DNF Record, in 2006.