Jhoel Herrera

Jhoel Herrera


Jhoel Ignacio Herrera García was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on December 31, 1981. He is the eldest son of Nancy M. García and José Ignacio Herrera: he has two sisters and a brother. He is father of two children Camila and Benjamín who are reasons of great motivation for him.

Jhoel showed a strong inclination for swimming and underwater activities from a very early age. This was a constant source of stress for his parents, who say that they never had peace when they were with him on a beach or pool because Jhoel was constantly in very deep areas and making constant dives which prevented his parents to always had him in sight.

In 1998, he started in the field of advertising sales, until 2001 when he started a Rule Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for a period of twenty-four months in the Venezuelan East. It is there that he met Kelbys Bravo, an underwater fisherman from Cumana, Sucre State, and he told him about underwater fishing; Jhoel knew at the time that he was facing something transcendental. As soon as he finished his mission at the beginning of 2005 he returned to Cumana almost immediately and began fishing, which gave him one of the most sublime experiences of his life. He continued fishing empirically, until for work reasons, he went to Mexico City, where he works with a Canadian Transnational Company. He is trained in the high impact Marketing area, and returned to Venezuela, his managerial activities in this transnational company prevented him from resuming underwater fishing due to his responsibilities.

After a time He decided not to postpone his passion anymore; so he decided to resume fishing, with the desire to always go deeper. He began different courses in which he excelled; and as an experienced fisherman, he also decided to set goals to go deeper. Later he met Antonio Del Duca, who showed him the Apnea as a sport discipline; and not only as an element of underwater fishing. Jhoel successfully assimilated the teachings of Antonio and improved his marks, managed to go down, to fish deeper with longer apneas. After a time, he decided to train as a FGC International Instructor and to be part of that noble family.

Jhoel in his own words describes the Apnea as “an inherent need.”  His main aim is to accompany others on the path of preparation to practice apnea and underwater fishing safely and thus take them longer and deeper underwater.

“We do not look for excuses for failure, but reasons for success”  – Gamaliel Osorno.

It is an honor for The Freedive Gravedad Cero School to have a professional like Jhoel; Who is also an excellent underwater fisherman and passionate of the Apnea; an indispensable requirement to be able to transmit teachings as a FGC International Instructor.














January 2013 to

present  date








Corporación Zofrili 333, C.A. (Corpofrica)

A company which main mission is to import, export, produce and distribute food.


Manager – Partner


I was responsible for the Constitution of this company, with the accompaniment of two relatives. I made an alliance with companies of the same branch nationally and internationally, becoming thus Exclusive Representative of the Argentine company NUTRIBRAS S.A. In Venezuela.

My main achievement in CORPOFRICA has been to know how to overcome all the problems that have been faced in Venezuela due to the crisis in the country, because we work with food, the most critical Venezuelan market sector at the moment.  We have had a huge success in the development of our activity. We carry out food marketing processes such as: fish, chicken, meat, vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains and vacuum-packed food. We have adapted to new trends by developing alliances with Community Councils and Public Entities for the development of daily Food at solidarity prices; in order to be competitive and avoid the deepening of the crisis fighting   against speculation.



October  2.006  to  December   2.012




Company which main mission is to carry out impact advertising for fast food franchises.



National Relationships   Manager   in Venezuela,


I opened offices at the National level in the main cities of the country. We applied a high-impact, high-profit advertising model that allowed our salespeople to develop daily in the field, since it consisted of door-to-door (D2D).

My main achievement was to retrain the competition to a second place, differentiating ourselves from them by our performance, results and adding value to the relationship of our customers. Some of these are: Domino’s Pizza, Subway, Wendy’s among others. Offices were opened in Caracas, Valencia, Margarita, Puerto Ordaz, San Cristóbal, Puerto La Cruz, Puerto Ordaz and Maturín. A workforce of 8 regional managers, 48 ​​supervisors and 94 sales promoters, or publicists was developed.







April 2.006 August








Manager of the Santander Serfin Bank Campaign in Mexico City, D.F. Mexico.


As Manager of CREDICO MARKETING INC. My first responsibility was to select and recruit a group of people, to take them to a training process which took place in Mexico City. In addition to training, we were able to test each of those people who participated in the program, and we did various fieldworks, in which we measured their skills as salespeople.

CREDICO MARKETING INC.  recognized my achievements as well as the success we had in the door to door (D2D) campaign of Banco Santander Serfin, for having increased our placement of financial products in the market (credit cards), raising it from 6% to 18%. Market share. The achievements pointed out in such a way that I was sent to Venezuela as National Manager, and responsible for the start of the operation in Venezuela. I became a partner of the company among other benefits received.







September 2.005

April 2.006.






Supervisor of the INBOUND and OUTBOUND platform of the BBVA Banco Provincial Telemarketing (High Mass Credit Cards Visa).

As Supervisor of this platform, I watched for the development and fulfillment of the goals set by BBVA and Atento. Applying motivational plans within the telemarketing group, making a constant monitoring of the management both individual and group in general. The latter using technological tools that allowed me to measure the performance, scale and profitability of the campaigns.

My main achievement was to capture the confidence of BBVA Banco Provincial, due to the results and success obtained, which resulted in the expansion of the portfolio of financial products that we achieved to manage. These products were the sale and renewal of: Vehicle Insurance, Life Insurance, Growing Temporary Insurance and Insurance of Funeral Services.










September 2.005

April 2.006


BBVA Banco Provincial.


Supervisor of Call-Center, OUTBOUND platform of Guarantee Response of BBVA Banco Provincial.


My main function was to supervise the good performance of the managers responsible for responding to the loan requests made by BBVA Banco Provincial clients, running daily   Data Bases issued by the Bank, to call customers in no more than 48 hours later of the request.

As a result of this campaign, the team work was highlighted, as well as the under pressure work, with a constant follow-up to keep the call output very active and to comply with the route of the Databases before the scheduled time.


January 2.003

January 2.005






I rendered a voluntary service to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


I am a regular missionary and lecturer in seven (7) States, eight (8) Cities and fifteen (15) populations. I exercised leadership responsibilities during 75% of my time as a missionary; being Companion Leader (2 elements), District Leader (6 elements), Zone Leader (20-24 elements) and Assistant Mission President To 180 elements), the latter was the greatest responsibility position that I could aspired.

As an achievement I developed plans that were applied throughout the east of the country and that allowed the Organization to meet its visions and goals, as well as setting a very high level record in the management of key indicators.




February 2.000 December 2.002







Sales Executive

Marketing Department Equipment of the Central Region Office.

Within my functions was managing a large portfolio of clients of the company, who had to offer the most innovative equipment and products that could be listed on the market (Canon and Xerox among others).

As an accomplishment in this area, it highlights the great impulse I gave to the expansion of new clients, with a growth of 50% in the first year, a retention of 98% already existing, and for the second year growth was Of 85% of the total accumulated for the first year, with a withholding of 93% on the total of the already existing ones and those collected until the end of 2002. The strategy used was the offer of packages that included different services, as well as attractive promotions for various products and equipment, all in order to increase demand, which had a positive impact on sales, something that our competitors had never expected.






Bachelor degree:  Science.  Unidad Educativa Colegio Juan XXIII,  Caracas – 1.999.

Beginnings to the Aeronautical Mechanics.  Escuela Tomas Valencia,   Caracas – 2.000



Decision making. Duration 16 hours. Iturriza Consultants.

Couching Supervisorio.  Duration 16 hours.  Iturriza Consultants.

Telesales “Sales is in your hands”. Duration 24 hours.  ATENTO VENEZUELA.

Office.  Duration 18 hours. Iturriza Consultants.

Workshop on Self-Sufficiency at Work.  Duration 48 hours. LDS Jobs.

Self-employment workshop. Duration 12 hours. LDS Jobs.

Focus Group. Duration 16 hours. Iturriza Consultants.

Underground Fisherman Course One Star School Adventure Challenge

Underground Fisherman Two Star School Adventure Straight School

Basic  FGC Course Level 1

Advanced FGC  Course  Level 2

FGC Coach Course Level 3

FGC Rescue and Salvage Course



Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Underwater Fisherman – Apnea.

President and founder of the Club of Underwater Activities BARRACUDA D.C.

Member of the ID Committee  of the Venezuelan Federation of Underwater Activities

President of the Board of Condominium of the Casio Building in La Candelaria.



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