Derek Ludovic

Derek Ludovic

Born in Caracas, in the marine world from a very young age, every weekend and family vacation boating, fishing in the sea, diving, water skiing, or swimming in a pool.

Started spearfishing from a very young age, it was normal to try to go as deep as possible and hold your breath competing with childhood friends.

When he saw the movie Deep Blue (many years ago….) he found out that there were more people who wanted to go deep and deep into the dark…. Aleays eith the desire to find out more about competitive apnea, years later he met Antonio del Duca and took his first course, from there he went to compete, and taking all the courses that FGC offers. By taking these courses and realizing that they really work having good results in competitions and having marks that before he thought impossible. Encouraged by the results completes FGC level 1 to 4, then does the competitive apnea course and then the FGC instructor course.

Studied and graduated as Industrial Engineer, now working as a yacht broker, boat selling and manufacturing, he has lived in Miami with his wife and 3 children since 2011.

Apnea is part of his lifestyle, every week he goes to the pool to practice, and to the sea whenever he can, this is the best way to keep fit, reduce the level of stress from day to day and the best way to relax he’s found.