Carlos Vasquez

Carlos Vasquez

Born on February 5, 1978, in the city of Caracas, Capital of Venezuela. His beginnings in the water were at an early age, when he learned to swim of his own free will and made his first dives without having any idea but with the desire to learn. With big dreams and expectations, in 1996, he entered the Venezuelan Navy Academy where he took the PADI Open Water Diver Course and participated in countless competitions graduating with the honorable mention of “Physical Fitness”, the Bachelor of Science Degree. and Naval Arts, specialty “Electro-mechanics” and as a Navy Officer with the military rank of Lieutenant. Subsequently, he completed the Marine Infantry Basic Course No. XXXVIII to hold Infantry Troop Command positions and specialize in Amphibious Landing Operations.


He felt that he could give more and he found himself taking the step to undergo one of the courses, which is considered among the most extreme, in terms of physical and mental demands, that any person can face, the Basic Course of Special Operations No. XXXVII of the Navy, in Turíamo Bay, Aragua State. Venezuela. Satisfactorily, in 2004, after 6 months of arduous training, only 5 of 98 members managed to complete the reference course. From that moment on, he began his career as a Special Operations Officer of the Venezuelan Navy for more than 13 continuous years, taking all the courses and positions required in the specialty, he also participated in the different assignments, as Second and Mission Commander.


In addition, he was Director of different Basic Courses of Special Operations, where he met the CEO of Academy Freedive Gravedad Cero (FGC) and author of the book “El Apneista”, Antonio del Duca, who selflessly with all his potential and experience in the records obtained at the national and Pan-American level, he participated during the training in the aquatic phase of the Sea Commands, in the Basic Courses of Special Operations of the Venezuelan Navy. By the year 2009, he married his beloved María Teresa and in 2012, the gift that God Almighty sent them was born and he became the father of Valeria Valentína.


In 2017, after sixteen (16) years of service, he decided, of his own free will, to retire from military life with the rank of Lieutenant Commander of the Venezuelan Navy. Later, he works as a PADI diving instructor at the SCUBATEC Diving Center, located in Chichiriviche de la Costa, Vargas state. For 2018, he decides to emigrate to Spain in search of new challenges and other horizons together with his loved ones God, daughter and wife.


Below is a brief review of his personal and professional experience up to the present.


Security and trust. Andragogy Leadership. People skills. Respectful. Teamwork. I work in situations under stress. Personnel management. Successful multitasking activities. Great organizational skills. Service orientation. Good interpersonal relationships. Professional and disciplined. Excellent health conditions. Proactive and hardworking without the need for supervision.



PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer 2016 – present.

  • Give recreational diving classes from the initial diving experience to the first professional level, Divemaster.
  • Teach the skills and abilities in the different specialties of night diving, search and recovery of lost objects using search patterns, deep diving, wreck diving and enriched air diving.
  • Filling diving tanks and equipment maintenance.
  • Outstanding achievement: during the courses and experiences, the safety standards established by PADI are met, which is why to date he has not had any diving accidents.


Venezuelan Navy   2001-2017.

 Submarine escape training.

  • Director and instructor of different Basic Courses of Special Operations.
  • Instructor of military diving courses.
  • Head of mission during the inspection of the hulls of ships for the search and location of explosive devices.
  • Mission leader of the “SAR” team, in charge of the search, location and recovery of bodies from a Navy helicopter, sunk in the high seas.
  • Instructor of basic and combat diving courses for Navy ship crew members and members of other Special Operations units.
  • Training of underwater demolitions, with SCUBA diving equipment and in apnea.
  • Day and night diving training as a member of Special Forces.
  • Propose effective solutions to the operational and administrative problems of the organization.
  • Deal accurately and effectively situations of crisis and conflict.
  • Carry out logistics coordination to achieve the entrusted objectives.
  • Outstanding achievement: he actively participated in the preparation of the different operational manuals for the execution of Sea Command operations, as well as in the preparation of the specialization curricular designs of the special operations specialty, at its different levels.



 2020      Intermediate Degree in Sports Technician in Diving with Autonomous Scuba. Ministry of    Education of Spain.

2016      General Staff Course Nº10, Superior War School of the Armed Forces.

2014      Diploma of Command and General Staff of Special Troops, Academy of the Forces Revolutionary Armies. Cuba.

2013      Master’s Degree in Higher Education. “International University of the Caribbean” (CIDEC), Curacao.

2013      Specialization in Marine Infantry. Naval Tactical Infantry School.

2013      Strengthening and Extension Program in University Teaching. “University Experimental Pedagogical Libertador.

2008      Diploma “Teaching in Higher Education for Non/Teaching Professionals”. University Experimental Pedagogical Libertador.

2001      Bachelor of Naval Sciences and Arts. Venezuelan Naval School




2022      Basic Course FGC Level 1, Advanced Course FGC Level 2, Trainer Course FGC Level 3, First

Aid Course focused on Freediving FGC Level 4, International Instructor Course FGC.

2022      Course of Professionalism of Confection and Publishing of Web Pages. ACE, Spain.

2020      Security Guard and Escort Course. Authorized by the Ministry of the Interior of Spain.

2022      Basic Maritime Safety Course, Basic Fire Fighting Course, Passenger Ship Course and

Maritime Protection Course. Social Institute of the Navy. Spain.

2022      Computer Skills Course. Spain.

2018      Homologation of Professional Shallow Diver. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Spain.

2016      PADI Wreck Specialty Instructor.

2015      Night, Deep, Nitrox, PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Instructor.

2015      PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and First Aid Instructor.

2014      PADI Divemaster.

2013      PADI Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver and Emergency First Response.

2007      Elementary Diver Course of the Spanish Navy. Cartagena, Murcia, Spain.

2004      Special Operations Course No. 37.

2004      Military Diving Course.

2002      Marine Infantry Course No. 38.



  • He considers himself a “lover of the sea”.
  • Is in constant search of spiritual, personal and professional development.
  • He is a partner-member of UNHCR, UNICEF, Action Against Hunger, Doctors Without Borders and the Spanish Association Against Cancer.