Carlos Gutierrez

Carlos Gutierrez


Carlos Gutiérrez was born in Caracas Venezuela on April 20, 1965, from Ecuadorian father, and Venezuelan mother. He has three children and is a manufacturer of harpoons and underwater fishing equipment since 2006-.He is also a musician and studied accounting In Universidad Central de Venezuela  from  1978  to 1982.

His passion for music led him to study very well in this field, taking music, guitar and jazz studies at the Ars Nova School in Caracas. He also  studied singing and vocalization in 1989 at  the Modesta Bor school in Margarita with the famous Neo Spartan lyric song Instructor Isidro Espinetti who helped Carlos to perfect the breathing techniques  that would serve him later in a new passion. Carlos is a very perfectionist man and has always gone in search of surpassing himself; that is why from 1993 to 1994 he decided to go a little further in his career and moved to Barquisimeto with the aim of  studying Music and Harmony with  Professor Silvio Arocha; as well as   Harmony and Jazz with the teacher Franco Nasi in Valencia.

Music was his hobby for a long time and then it became   his work. For this reason, he needed a new hobby and in 1989 he entered into a new passion, the underwater fishing, which he began to practice as amateur. Later, in   2006 he took his first underwater fishing course with instructor Carlos García Boscan. In 2012 and always looking to improve his performance, he took   a two star AIDA course with the instructor Carlos Coste.

In 2016 he contacted the American Apnea champion FGC International Instructor Antonio Del Duca and expressed him  his interest in belonging to the project of the American school of apnea Freedive Gravedad Cero; so He  brought together a group of people on Margarita island  and organizes the first FGC course in Nueva Esparta State.

Del Duca moved and taught the FGC courses intensively over 15 days. There  this legendary manufacturer of harpoons surprise  his instructor  by making descents in constant weight of more than 35 meters, dynamics of more than 90 meters and static apneas that exceed The 5 minutes. Antonio observing the unique style of Gutierrez into the water together with his extraordinary apnea and the perfect mastery of the matter in the areas of: regulations, physiology, security, among many others, due to his tremendous experience as an underwater fisherman and apneist, he had not doubt that Carlos Gutierrez   would be a worthy representative of FGC School; and he graduated by   giving him the certificate of FGC International Instructor on July 2016.

Courses Completed

Basic FGC   Course Level 1

Advanced  FGC Course. Level 2

Coach   FGC Course. Level 3

Rescue and Salvage FGC Course.  Level 4

International FGC   Instructor Course

AIDA 2 star Course

First Aid Course





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