Ambar Peralta

Ambar Peralta


She was born in Caracas and has been practicing apnea since 2004, She has competed in 5 world championships and several international competitions;  starting her international participation in 2005. She is a mechanical engineer and she also studied Industrial Design. Amber is among the pioneer female Underwater Rugby players from Venezuela. She attended an international underwater rugby championship with the Miranda Hammers team, women’s team; She also completed the Underwater Fishing Course. She likes to play sports; such as cycling, mountaineering and skating.

In 2014 she joined the Gravedad Cero School’s work team as an instructor and part of the staff.

She has harvested a great variety of records throughout the years; and  she is creditor of Pan-American Record of Dynamic Apnea without fins.

She is currently doing the Scuba Divemaster course with PADI.


Main Achievements:

  • National Apnea Selection Venezuela since 2005
  • FGC Instructor
  • Pan American DWF Record 2006- 2011
  • Pan-American DNF CMAS record from 2006-2014