Develop the Apnea discipline in America, with a team of FGC International Instructors in each country, which are a staff of professionals in different fields; such as: sports, teaching and advertising; in order to structure and develop an optimal teaching system for the preparation of apneists who were able to train in an accurate and safe way, competing in a professional manner; but avoiding unfortunate accidents.

Mass the practice of apnea in America and influence in demystifying the conception of this sport as a high risk one.

Inculcate the new apneists the practice of apnea as a tool for relaxation, fun and as a lifestyle, where several disciplines are integrated.


Become the biggest American Apnea School, with the largest representation in the countries of this continent; as well as the development of   Apnea as one of the best known and popular sport in America.


Statute 1: After completing an instructor training course, the School must provide the corresponding teaching material for 1, 2, 3 and 4 levels with their respective slide shows, program contents and the instructor specific activities.

Statute 2: The School must issue the international certifications requested by the instructors within a period of no more than 30 continuous days after they have received the certification application form and the corresponding payment.

Statute 3: The income made by the school through its instructors and for certification purposes will be saved in a Freedive Gravedad Cero bank account. This profit will be used for advertising, web costs, events and publications in pro of the school and its members.

Statute 4: The FGC School will publish all the courses given in America on the fgcero.com page and in other social networks; in order to keep a record of the number of courses offered and as a promotion support for each instructor.

 Statute 5: The percentage of commission get for any of the instructors, for the sailing of pop material will oscillate between 20% and 30%; the same amount will be established after having finished any product and the stipulated sale price can vary from one region to another. Stickers, on the other hand, may be replicated by any FGC International Instructor.

Statute 6: The name Freedive Gravedad Cero is an international registered trademark; anyone who intends to copy or profit from its name or logo, without proper written permission or authorization, will be subject to an international claim.

Statute 7: The American School of Apnea Freedive Gravedad Cero (FGC) guarantees 100% the professionalism of its International   Instructors in the development of courses based on FGC didactic; however, FGC School is not responsible for accidents of any kind caused by the negligence of any of the instructors.

Statute 8: The American School of Apnea Freedive Gravedad Cero is an institution which is responsible for training and certification of apnea practitioners; as well as trainers and apnea instructors worldwide; mainly in America, and it is solely and exclusively responsible for the content of the didactic material provided to each instructor. According to the above, any alteration in the didactic material and/or in the practices in the sea or pool expressed in the programmatic contents and the specific activities of the instructor shall be the sole FGC International instructor concern.

 Statute 9:   The slide shows and teaching materials of each course belong to The American School of Apnea Freedive Gravedad Cero by virtue of possessing copyright with international registration of intellectual property.



The FGC instructors are governed by an international regulation, which must be complied with without exception. Disregard for the following regulations may be detrimental to the instructor, leading him to disciplinary advice, which in the worst case could result in the expulsion of the American School of Freedive Gravedad Cero and the removal of his profile from the Web page: fgcero.com

We urge every FGC International Instructor to study in depth the following statutes:

Statute 1: Every FGC International Instructor must respect either verbally, or physically; any Freedive Gravity Cero school colleague without any exception.

Statute 2: Every FGC International Instructor must support any colleague who needs his collaboration in the development of an FGC course, as long as it does not interfere with any of its obligations inside the school.

Statute 3: Every FGC International Instructor who requests the support of a colleague to dictate a course must pay the fees that those involved agree before starting the course.

Statute 4: Every FGC International Instructor is required to inform the board of directors of the FGC School if any other instructor is harming the school, in violation of any of the established statutes.

Statute 5: Every FGC International Instructor can attach teaching material to any of the original slide shows; but never partially or completely eliminate the teaching material pre-established by the American School of Apnea FGC.

Statute 6: Every FGC International Instructor must respect all his students verbally, physically; in the presence or absence of them and, be cordial; As well as promoting a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Statute 7: Every FGC International Instructor must keep at least eventually practicing and maintaining a correct weight and full mastery of the breathing and apnea exercises.

Statute 8: Every FGC International Instructor who teaches an FGC course in any other place outside of his state or country must inform the zone official in that state or country; for reasons of respect and fraternity among all instructors. If there is not any responsible person in the specific place; the FGC International Instructor must report to the school board.

Statute 9: All FGC International instructors must maintain a fraternity attitude towards their colleagues, regardless of which instructor is not to their liking.

Statute 10: Every FGC International Instructor once a course has been started, should finished it, regardless of whether the course does not meet his economic expectations due to lack of quorum.

Statute 11: Every FGC International Instructor should as much as possible make an effort to encourage his students to become certified as FGC International instructors; the more instructors are trained, the closer we will be to fulfill our vision.

Statute 12: All FGC International Instructor is entirely responsible for the safety of his students during the time of issuing a course, releasing the American Apnea School Freedive Gravedad Cero from all liability.

Statute 13: Every FGC International Instructor must demonstrate that he is in physical condition to continue exercising his duties as instructor, achieving the minimum marks established to be an FGC International Instructor. This should be done every 3 years.

Statute 14: Every FGC International Instructor is totally responsible for the safety of his students, as long as the students abide by exactly what the instructor indicates; otherwise the instructor is released from any responsibility.

Statute 15: All FGC International Instructor has the responsibility over the instructional material of the school and he is the only authorized to use it. If the material becomes in the possession of any person other than the FGC International Instructor, this will result in international legal consequences. Similarly, the instructor responsible for reproducing, misleading or providing such material will be subject to disciplinary advice from the school where his case will be evaluated and the corresponding penalties for his actions will be decided.

Statute 16: Every FGC International Instructor can achieve the degree of Master Instructor once they have completed the following requirements:

-Having taught a total of 30 courses that include levels 1,2,3 and 4 of FGC.

-The aspiring Master Instructor must have a total mastery of didactics at all FGC levels.

-The aspiring Master Instructor must be trained and evaluated by the most senior instructor in the school.

-The aspiring Master Instructor must demonstrate that in some period of his career as a freediver he achieved the following minimum marks:

-Static Apnea. 6:00 min -Dynamic with Monofin, 180 mts.

-Dynamic with Bi Fins. 160 meters -Dynamic without fins. 140 meters

-Constant Weight with Monofin. 60 meters -Constant weight with bi fins. 45 meters

-Constant weight without fins. 40 meters

Other statutes will be added soon.

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